Forrorrois: The Homecoming - Reviews: 

Better than the first novel!
Homecoming, the second installment of the Forrorrois saga, picks up where Innocence Lost ended. As the title implies, the novel tells the story of Forrorrois' troubled reunion with her family and the difficulties she has adjusting to her former life as Danica Jolan. Scenes from the first chapters range for the poignant, such as Danielle Jolan's reaction to her daughter's "admission" that she ran away from home, to the comically absurd, such as Danica's visit the DMV for a driver’s license. Well written, with just the right blend of drama, action, and humor, Homecoming lives up to expectations. Once again, Ms. Snow has created a cast of complex and all too human characters. Some, like Air Force Colonel Jack Stern, are familiar from the first book. Others, like FBI agents Ken Aster and Trenton Jennings, are welcome new additions. Although mostly confined to Earth, this story is as adventure-packed as they come. Forrorrois rescues helicopter pilots trapped in a forest fire, and a spy satellite ready to plunge into the atmosphere. And those exploits are just a warm up for the Forrorrois' major difficulty, protecting her family from a group of terrorists who want to impede the DoD project her father has been working on. Forrorrois must outwit the terrorists and protect her family while keeping up the charade she is merely Danica, one of the dozens of family members brought to into protective custody by the FBI so the black project can be completed. To complicate things further, the FBI consolidates the project members at the very military base she defended from a Utahar attack in the first novel. The base commander, General Caldwell, still covets the advanced technology Forrorrois possesses, so Danica must tread carefully to prevent the General from discovering her identity and using her parents to get what he wants.
Difficult to put down, this novel ends with the seeds for the next already sown. I hope it will be out soon! – An Customer

A great sequel! Can't wait for the next!
Forrorrois' Back! Fresh from foiling galactic slave traders, now she faces the challenges of being human again. She struggles to find a balance between being Danica Jolan and the Dramudam Forrorrois while trying to find answers to her parent's questions about where she's been and the secret organization that wants to kill her father and steel his work. Forced to live in protective custody while the FBI tries to protect her father and his co-workers, she struggles to keep her Dramudam identity secret from the FBI and the military. 
This is one great roller coaster ride from beginning to end. If you didn't fall in love with Danica while reading the first book, Innocence Lost, you will reading this one. I couldn't put it down and had a couple of sleepless nights while I was reading it. Suzanne is a very good writer who knows how to keep the story moving while developing characters that we relate to and understand. – An Customer